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Allaa Sallam



The company is owned by Mr.Allaa Sallam

TopTeam Entertainment has been collaborating with the Red Sea Hotels/Hurghada,Egypt, our company is one of the leading companies in this areas, well known and popular in Egypt.We provide hotels with well trained animation teams who organize holiday time of guest inside the hotel they work for.

What we do ?

Our Company have big experience for entertaining the guests inside the hotel's by using animation member's from different nationalty ,who knows there work very professional with Experience Certificate .

Our Company have more then 100 member's who is working under the name of TOPTEAM Animation.


   Who we are ?

We are in this business 11 years, and we are experienced and qualified enough to provide any hotel with full entertainment services.

·        We are the only company who have internet website.

·        We have legal office and official documents. 

·        We are the only company who certified from holiday check


we deal now with these hotels:


1. Sunrise Royal Makadi - Hurghada

2. Sunrise Crystal Bay - Hurghada

3. Festival Lejardin & Rivera - Hurghada

4. Festival Shedwan & Smart Line Resorts - Hurghada

5. Sunrise Holidays Resort - Hurghada

6. Sunrise Garden Beach

7. Sentido Mamlouk Palace


hotels photos:

1. Sunrise Holidays Resort





animation rooms





2. sunrise Garden Beach and sentido mamlouk palace







animation rooms:




 3. Sunrise Crytal bay



Animation rooms




4. Sunrise Royal Maakadi



Animation rooms






 Holiday Check Scores:


 Holiday Check Certificates:




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